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How to defeat gender violence? Violence on women, homophobia, machismo are the expression of a society, still based essentially on stereotypes and gender roles yet assigned and hierarchized. In order to contrast them, we consider necessary to start by recognizing gender violence as part of ourselves, of our relationships and the construction of our individual and social identity. Our societies are constantly changing, and youth are actors and fundamental subjects. It buds from here the project Youth against gender violence (JCVG), because that change can start with us, from our way of seeing things and relations, our need to be accepted and recognized.

The project aims to raise awareness among the public opinion in Europe – as well as Brazil, Cape Verde and Mozambique – on the necessity to build a society respecting gender differences and giving each one the possibility to express themselves and set free from male/female stereotypes. Therefore, our path foresees to face three themes, identified with different symbols:

+ (become better people)

- (fight against gender violence)

* (respect LGBT people)

JCVG follows a methodology moulded on reinforcing youth protagonism, mainly thanks to peers educators that, once trained, will realize educative and awareness-raising workshops in high schools («youth with youth»), among associations of the territory and decision makers («youth with society»). Main objective of the project consists in fact in an active action of awareness raising among the public opinion, to be reached both through meetings, and video production, each year on a different theme; these videos will take part to a contest and will be constituting the hint to the creation of the awareness campaigns.