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The first step of the project faces probably the most difficult theme: become better people, men and women. Machismo is a relational modality, based on power and control; not only related to men, but to all the people shaping their affirmation to the detriment of others. Frequently we take refuge in man/woman stereotypes to appear strong, sensitive, determined, conscious, good looking: males and females. Whereas it is necessary to have the strength and consciousness of our identity, to value our characteristics, making us unique.
Be aware and led to express and make our identity clear is the challenge for the activities of the first phase of the project. Among friends we rarely discuss this theme, if not to reaffirm and reinforce stereotypes: it is a destructurating process that can let us down, without a “group identity”, alone. To confront ourselves with our understanding of gender relationships, our behaviours, our identities may help us instead to recognize and be recognized by others – mates, friends, relatives – as what we are for real, to see where violence is and the overthrowing will often incidental to our behaviours. To become better people we must have the courage to break old patterns, usually containing and protecting us like a jail from the exterior. Youth can do it, they can change themselves and the world.